When the diagnosis is made

If you are diagnosed with skin cancer, treatment methods differ depending on the type and stage of the cancer.

Melanoma is always surgically removed. Depending on the thickness of the cancer surgical margins vary. Malignant melanoma that is diagnosed early can almost always be treated.  But when diagnosed in late stages, melanoma is one of the most aggressive cancer types. Further investigation will follow if the cancer has already metastasized. In the case of metastases, the cancer is removed surgically followed by drug therapy (‘chemotherapy’). New medical regimes in form of immunotherapy offer hope to patients with the aggressive form of melanoma. Your dermatologist will be able to further inform you about your treatment.
Common skin cancers are usually treated by surgery, with scraping (curettage) photodynamic therapy, immunologically potent cream treatment or withsuperficial radiotherapy. Your dermatologist can advise you which treatment is best suited in each case.

Actinic keratoses are often treated by freezing with liquid nitrogen, scraping (curettage), by photodynamic therapy or immunologically potent creamtreatment.